How Amazon makes it simple to grow your business  

How Amazon makes it simple to grow your business  

Selling your products online is a game-changing step in any business. Earlier, people were only aware of offline marketing options and were limited to the domestic markets. Even if they wanted to sell in another city, they had to travel independently and make a deal.  

Internet marketing is a blessing for people who want to expand their brand’s scope of service and value. On online platforms, you can connect to millions of individuals who are ready to buy your product. Amazon is one such platform where you get exposure to more than 18 marketplaces globally, having an account of 300 million customers. It has an Amazon Global Selling program which ensures smooth and hassle-free trading of products across the globe.   

If you have a budding idea for an export business, you can just onboard on Amazon, and with easy and quick steps, you will be ready to sell offshore. Amazon will help you with its guidance and tips to escalate your business at each stage. As an amazon trader, you can use various tools provided by Amazon, such as Amazon SPN, to manage your existing merchandise or build up a new business with Amazon.   

Services provided by Amazon to advance your business strategies:  

  1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)  

You can avail the benefit of Fulfillment by Amazon. FBA takes care of the packing and delivering of the order. You don’t even have to take the stress of customer queries as FBA handles that too. You need to take the order from Amazon and dispatch it to FBA, and the rest is done. Benefits of having the Prime Badge:  

  • Higher rate of sales  
  • Fast delivery option for Prime Members  
  • Badge develops trust among the buyers  
  • Customer support and returns  
  1. Publicize your Products  

You can advertise your products on Amazon by targeting the correct audience for your product through Sponsored Products (SP) service. Starting price is ₹ 1, and you will pay per click. The benefits of SP are:  

  • High visibility of your product  
  • Chance to get published on the first page  
  • Pay just when your advertisement is clicked  
  • High conversion rate  
  • Real-time analysis to record the results  
  1. Attract customers and boost sales  

Amazon provides various options to attract customers with savings. There are three types of services:  

  • Automate Pricing: Set rules and automatically change the costs of your items and increment the possibilities of winning the Offer Display.  
  • Coupons: Offer your customers coupons and vouchers which excite them to buy your product.   
  • Deals: Amazon’s Today’s Deals are a great way to promote your products and raise sales.  
  1. Customer feedback   

With Amazon’s Voice of Customer Dashboard, you can view your customer’s reviews and work on your products. You can limit your returns on products by improving your inventory and creating a strategy to increase profit by reducing negative comments.   

  1. International Language Support  

Amazon presents tools and services where you don’t need to learn international languages to sell in the international markets. Amazon translate services help customers reach a broad audience via seller service on Amazon Global Selling.  

There are various steps involved, from launching of product to delivering it to the customer’s doorstep. Amazon supports its members at every stage of their export journey through Amazon SPN, which is a network of professionals who assist individuals with services like photography, listing, cataloging, business management, and many more to enhance the product.  

Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN): Manage and Grow the Export Business  

While you focus on increasing your business potential and reach, Amazon assists you at every step to ease your export affair. Amazon spn is a network of service providers which helps you understand exports and related requirements. From listing, tax, and account management to photography, advertising and cataloging, there is everything on Amazon spn to help you achieve a fruitful career in the world of exports.   

Amazon SPN: Qualified professionals  

SPN is a great initiative taken by Amazon, which provides complex services for people who are not tech-savvy. It comprises of people who are third-party experts in different sectors and are highly professional. There are local experts available who help you with the compliances of your particular region. For an instance, if you need help with shipping documentation from Chennai port, Amazon SPN with local comprehension will guide you. They provide assistance with necessary certifications, testing, labeling, and quality affirmation administrations, simplifying it to sell in global commercial centers.  

Amazon SPN: Various services provided  

There are numerous range of services that Amazon SPN provides. Amazon manages everything, from image editing to shipping, and is managed and assisted by Amazon itself. When you sell offshore, you are unaware of the native language of that country. Well, you can get help from language experts registered as service providers with Amazon to translate the language and help you understand your international client’s queries and issues quickly.   

What is the list of services offered by Amazon SPN?  

  • Photography and imaging service  

Amazon provides the shooting of your product’s images and posting them on Amazon’s page. It helps you get high views and sales with premium quality pictures that comply with Amazon guidelines.  

  • Catalog service  

Cataloging services help you with the process of listing of new products and enhancing existing proposals with credits in norms with Amazon guidelines.  

  • Account Management Service   

Account management services manage everyday operations and get an insight into the account performance to help you grow the exports.  

  • Marketing & advertisement  

Advertising optimization services help you sponsor your products to increase visibility and increase the number of sales  

  • Taxation services  

Helps you with Tax services such as tax registration and filing of monthly, quarterly, and annual taxes in light of deals and returns on Amazon.  

  • International shipping services  

Assists you with sending your stock to FBA or to buyers beyond your home country.  

  • Seller Reinstatement services  

If your account gets suspended, servicers help you get your account reinstated. They also help you understand why your account got suspended to improve performance in the future.   


With 850 professionals in different sectors across 21 countries, Amazon SPN is a strong team working collectively to help you gain export business knowledge and assist you with queries and procedures. Amazon SPN is a one-way solution to complex processes related to compliance. Achieve your business goals with Amazon today!