HBO MAX is a trending platform for streaming vast entertaining programs, movies, shows, and series. It has over 10 Million subscribers on the channel. Originally it was started, or let’s say, presented by AT & T’s WarnerMedia.

To Binge-watch your favorite entertainment videos on HBO Max, buying a membership subscription is mandatory. After buying the subscription, you can access all the Premium Entertaining Content, exclusive only to HBO. Also, you can stream through the HBO Originals that are eligible to access if you have a subscription.

Explore all the premium HBO WarnerMedia and other Original Entertainment content from WarnerMedia. Several third-party service providers are affiliated with HBO Max.

It includes the following Entertainment Channels-

  • Cartoon Network
  • DreamWorks
  • Sesame Workshop
  • Sony Pictures
  • Universal Pictures
  • Walt Disney
  • Warner Bros and many other streaming channels are involved.

What are the Features of HBO Max?

  • Watch 10,00,00+ entertainment content like Movies, Shows, series, and programs available in English, Spanish, and German.
  • Create up to five viewer profiles on HBO Max with the premium subscription.
  • HBO Max has very convenient Parental Control. Entertainment channels for both kids and adults are available. Even Family-free entertainment content is accessible here.
  • HBO Max Hubs always surprises the users with amazing and unique concepts of stories. Join now and enjoy your favorite movies or series.
  • All the Roku TV users can access HBO Max by activating it on hbomax.com/tvsignin or follow the user guide.
  • Devices such as Google Chromecast, Samsung Tizen Versions, Amazon Fire devices, iOS, and Android are compatible with HBO Max.

HBO Max is solely accessible for the viewers residing only in the U.S. and in its certain territories.

Well, if you own a Roku device, then this is like the cherry on top! HBO Max is available on all Roku devices with Operating System 9.3 and above.

To verify the OS version of your Roku device:

Visit the home screen, then go to Settings >> access System >> Click on About and search for the software version number of your device.

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