Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Intercom

Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Intercom

Do you know the benefits of motorcycle intercoms?

I am a motorcycle lover and I have a group of friends with who we usually travel through the different routes of the country.

During these trips, one of the biggest problems we had was the inability to communicate properly, due to the high speed, wind noise and the use of motorcycle helmets.

The fact that we had to turn our head to look at each other  or make signs, diminished our security, as we took our eyes off the road.

And one day one of my colleagues bought intercoms and the problems disappeared. With these devices we can talk without problems and share useful information about the route and the direction to follow.

On the other hand, these devices also allow you to listen to music and answer phone calls without stopping, so they are very useful. In addition to all this, they have a very simple installation.

How to choose the best motorcycle intercom

These are the main factors to consider to choose the best motorcycle intercom:

The types of motorcycle helmet intercoms: These devices can be wireless or wired.

The wireless intercoms are more comfortable and versatile and offer a greater number of features.

Some intercoms work with headphones and others you can install directly on the helmet.

Those intercoms with cable, meanwhile, have a control unit that connects to the ears of the pilot and his passenger. They are cheaper and do not allow communication with other drivers.

On the other hand, there are motorcycle helmets with factory integrated intercom, which avoids the problem of installation and compatibility.

Connectivity of motorcycle helmet intercoms: Depending on the way you are going to use the motorcycle intercom, analyze the degree of connectivity you need. If you are traveling alone or with a companion, you will not need a very complex intercom.

If instead you like to go out in a group, some devices allow you to establish a communication channel with up to 7 different motorcycles.

On the other hand, take into account the number of people who can speak at the same time with the intercom. The cheapest models allow only 2 motorcyclists at the same time, while others accept several simultaneously.

Battery life of a motorcycle helmet intercom: I recommend you to buy a motorcycle intercom that has a minimum autonomy of 8 hours.

In this way you will avoid running out of battery halfway and you can recharge it without problems when you arrive at your destination.

The range of the signal the motorcycle helmet intercom provides: If you need a team to talk to other riders, it is important that it has a range of at least 800 meters to guarantee a good signal without the connection being interrupted.

Similarly, you should make sure that it also supports speeds of at least 100 kilometers per hour for quality communication.

Compatibility of motorcycle intercom systems: If you are going to use the intercom to communicate with other riders, make sure it is compatible with your teammates’ intercoms. To do this, check that it is universal.

In addition, check that the device adapts to your type of helmet to avoid any kind of problem that may appear while installing it.

The fixing way of a motorcycle helmet intercom: Some kits are attached with adhesives or clips and others require the use of screws.

During the installation of the intercom, check that the pieces are firm, that they do not move and that they do not hinder your driving.

Also, choose a model that is easy to install and remove, so you can remove it without problems when you want to clean the helmet.

The functions of a motorcycle helmet intercom: Some intercoms connect to a GPS navigator to receive directions on the way forward.

The most modern models also allow linking them to a mobile phone to answer calls, as well as to MP3s, portable CD players, Ipods and other devices to play music.

Other intercoms include echo cancellation and noise suppression technology that enables clearer listening and avoids high-speed interference.

It is recommended to choose the equipment that offers you the most benefits within the package and verify that the commands can be used hands-free or that they are accessible even with gloves on.

Safety of the motorcycle helmet intercom: Safety should always be above everything. It is important that the motorcycle intercom systems are resistant to water, wind, dust and heat so that it will not be damaged by the weather or suffer from interference.

To measure the degree of security, a code from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is used, which standardizes the protection mechanisms of electronic devices. The higher the value, the better the device’s security.

In the case of water, I advise you to choose equipment that has a level of IPX5 (protected against water in jets under pressure) or higher, while in dust it is recommended from IP3X (protected against solid objects greater than 2, 5mm diameter).

On the other hand, the use of the intercom should not obstruct vision, make driving difficult or require it to be used without a helmet. Carrying one is essential for road safety.

According to the Civil Association Fight for Life, the use of a helmet during a crash reduces the severity of injuries by 72% and the risk of death by at least 39%, depending on the speed of the vehicles involved.

To avoid accidents I also recommend the use of a breathalyzer. With these devices you can measure if you are in a position to direct or if you drank too much and it is better to rest.

The price of the motorcycle helmet intercom: The cost of motorcycle intercoms vary between 40 and 400 euros, depending on the quality, the range of provided functions, etc.

Before choosing an intercom, first you should understand what’s the main purpose you want to buy one, and depending on the needs choose the motorcycle helmet intercom that best suits your needs while riding.