Frontline Education Absence Management (formerly AESOP)

Frontline Education Absence Management (formerly AESOP)

Frontline Education Absence Management (formerly AESOP) is an absence management solution serving more than 4,000 districts nationwide. The software is a SaaS-based service which does not require phone lines, hardware, or software. It can be accessed on any device and is easy to use, as it is available around the clock. It captures rich data and integrates with other applications. It allows employees to register their absences at any time.

Frontline’s cloud-based platform is easy to use and has intuitive point-and-click tools for building analytics models. It supports a full range of analytic methods, including simulation for uncertainty management and optimization. It integrates with Microsoft Power BI, Power Apps, and XLSX. These features make it easy for administrators to monitor and manage substitutes. They can also access comprehensive reporting, and see who’s absent, so they can make the right decisions.

Frontline Education is an education management solution that replaces Aesop, a substitute placement and absence management tool. It integrates with Human Resources and Payroll to save administrators time and data entry. Teachers can easily register absences and search for open positions. And, administrators can stay informed with comprehensive reporting. If you’d like to find the best possible solution, try the demo version of Frontline. You’ll be glad you did.

In addition to being able to manage absences, Frontline Education is also easy to use. Its intuitive interface allows users to find available positions and find the best substitutes quickly and efficiently. As a bonus, Frontline is integrated with payroll and Human Resources software, so that administrators save time entering data. Moreover, it gives teachers and substitutes the ability to log absences anytime. The system provides extensive reporting for school managers, so that they can stay informed about the availability of substitutes.

Frontline Education is a cloud-based solution for school and district administrators to manage absences. Its integrated solutions with HR and Payroll help schools manage their absences with ease. Its online interface allows substitutes to search for available positions and teachers to register their own absences and to view their schedules and absences. Additionally, the system helps administrators stay informed about their staff’s availability and workload. With frontline, teachers can easily manage their absences with the help of the tool’s extensive reporting.

Frontline is a powerful solution for managing absences. It can be used to manage substitutes and automate the absence management process. Its integrated solution with HR and Payroll eliminates the need for manual data entry. Moreover, teachers and substitutes can register their absences at any time. It also helps administrators stay informed through extensive reporting. Further, it integrates with many other systems. With its robustness and integrations, Frontline is an essential solution for school districts.

Frontline is a cloud-based application for schools and districts. It offers a variety of features to manage absences and absence management. It also integrates with Human Resources and Payroll to eliminate data entry time. In addition to automating absence management, Frontline is a powerful tool for substitutes and administrators. By integrating with HR and Payroll, it saves both time and effort. Likewise, it makes it easy to manage substitutes and teachers.

Frontline is a cloud-based application for school districts. Its software can be accessed through a web browser, and it can be installed on desktop Excel for Windows and Mac. It supports all major analytic methods, including simulations and optimization. It also supports the Microsoft Power BI and Power Apps solutions. Its extensive reporting lets administrators and teachers know how much time and money they save. With frontline, schools can easily find and hire the best-qualified employees for their positions.

Frontline is a cloud-based program that helps educators manage absences. It integrates with Payroll and Human Resources and reduces data entry and paperwork. In addition to enhancing student performance, it helps schools manage costs. This software also offers a variety of reports for administrators. There are no more data entry requirements with Frontline, which makes it a smart solution for schools. Its integrated nature allows for flexible scheduling, flexible planning, and effective staffing.

Frontline Education is a cloud-based platform that automates absence management and substitute placement. It integrates with Payroll and Human Resources, saving valuable admin time. It allows teachers to register absences at any time and substitutes to search for open positions. It also keeps administrators informed of all activities. If you’d like to learn more, check out Frontline today! Its Advanced Absence Management Platform