Petra Kvitova is the New Face of Flashscore

Petra Kvitova is the New Face of Flashscore

Petra Kvitova is one of the most accomplished tennis players of all time. She’s won six career Grand Slam titles and another 10 other trophies at the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, including Wimbledon twice and the French Open once. In addition to these staggering accomplishments, she’s also won 24 WTA singles titles and $24 million in prize money throughout her career, making her one of the highest-paid tennis stars today. Now, the two-time Wimbledon champion has added another accomplishment to her impressive resume: she’s the new face of Flashscore, the global No.

In the Spotlight

As a two-time Wimbledon champion, Petra Kvitova is one of today’s biggest tennis stars. At just 26 years old, she has already won seven WTA singles titles in her career. Petra has done incredibly well since returning to tennis after suffering a serious injury in December 2016. It’s safe to say that Petra has bounced back from adversity and gotten back on top thanks to her drive and passion for both tennis and life. We are thrilled to have such an inspiring young woman represent Flashscore as our brand ambassador! If you aren’t following Petra yet, we highly recommend it! Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter using

About Flashscore

Located in Karlstad, Sweden, Flashscore provides live score services for a large number of sports and competitions. We have become a popular service with enthusiasts and professionals around the world who love to follow live scores online during their favorite sports events or matches. Our main focus lies in tennis but we also provide other sports such as football, ice hockey, badminton and more. Both Swedish-born Petra Kvitova and our company has been very successful in recent years in terms of results which we believe can contribute to our user’s experiences when using our website’s features. The partnership between Petra Kvitova and Flashscore will continue throughout 2017 after which it will be reassessed depending on how well it performs for both parties involved.

Why use Flashscore?

Fans can now keep track of their favorite athletes wherever they are – whether on their phone, tablet or computer. To date, more than 20 million fans use Flashscore’s live scores each month to follow tennis matches and find out who won them – making it one of Europe’s leading sports platforms. And now Petra Kvitova joins a long list of famous tennis stars using Flashscore to communicate with their fans: In addition to Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, and Maria Sharapova, all WTA players, as well as almost 500 ATP players, are regularly sending messages via Flashscore to interact with fans in different ways.

An interview with Petra Kvitova

By any account, Petra Kvitova has had a remarkable year. In 2017, she not only won two majors and broke into the world’s top 5 for the first time in her career, but she also became one of the world’s most popular athletes with over 3 million Instagram followers. Now, she’s partnering with Flashscore – a leading global provider of live scores – to be its new global brand ambassador. We caught up with her to find out what she thinks are the biggest advantages of Flashscore and why everyone should follow tennis scores on it.