Fake people quote

Fake people quote

Are you looking for Fake people quotes about bad friends? Here are some quotes about Fake people and bad friends to help you move on. These fake people quotes may help you see all of the good friends that you indeed do have. Unfortunately, a toxic friend can sometimes let you down. Having some fake people is something we would never wish on anyone. Bad friends and fake people can completely derail your day, your life, and your faith in others.

Top quotes about fake people and friends

Today we’re sharing the top 23 fake people quotes to help you reflect on the kinds of friendships you have in your life.

  1. We never lose friends in life; we only learn who the true ones are.
  2. A phony friend wants you to do well, but not better than them.
  3. A true friend is interested in what is going on in your life. A phony friend exaggerates their problems.
  4. Fake friends are like shadows: they follow you in the sunlight but leave you in the shadows.
  5. You can’t have good friends if you have bad friends.
  6. It is preferable to be alone than to be in bad company.
  7. Bad friends are like paper cuts; both are irritatingly painful and make you wish you had been more cautious.
  8. Real friends will listen to your problems regardless of how bad their day is.
  9. You need some new friends if the only way you can fit in with your friends is to do bad things.
  10. You cannot spend all of your time with some negative people and expect to have a positive life.
  11. True friends say good things when you are not around and mean things in front of you.
  12. Friendship is something that happens every day, not just when it’s convenient for someone.
  13. Friendships should be enjoyable, not tense or anxiety-inducing.
  14. A genuine situation will always reveal a phony friend.
  15. Some of the fakest people disguise themselves as friends and family.
  16. Avoid people who try to diminish your ambitions.
  17. Some friends are two-faced and worthless, like pennies.
  18. If you want to find out who’s a true friend, make a mistake, or go through a difficult time… then see who sticks around.”
  19. Friends are supposed to be there for you when you cry, not the cause of your tears.
  20. The only people I require in my life are those who require me in theirs even when I have nothing else to offer.
  21. Life is like riding in an elevator. On the way up, you have to stop and let some people off.”
  22. You realize after a while that some people aren’t worth it anymore.
  23. Many people will come and go in your life, but only true friends will leave their footprints in your heart.

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