Do I Need a GPS Tracking App to Monitor Field Sales Force? Discover the 7 Top Reasons Why

Do I Need a GPS Tracking App to Monitor Field Sales Force? Discover the 7 Top Reasons Why

In general, all marketing refers to the selling of products and services, but there are so many different branches depending on the activities, channels, models, among other things. Field marketing is the branch specifically concerned with the selling that happens on the field.

There several types of field marketing. These include

  • Product demos
  • Direct selling
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Retail audits

In this article, we’ll focus on retail audits and the 7-reasons why you need them to monitor your sales force.

Let’s get right into it!

Monitoring the field sales force is one of the most challenging things in business. Unless you can follow all your employees everywhere they go, which is impossible, you cannot tell for sure what’s going on in the field. How then will you know whether your employees are treating customers in the right way? Do they even meet them in the first place? What about their performance, is it as it should be? Are they doing their best closing deals? Can you validate the reports they send? What about the bills? These are some of the dilemmas that make it very difficult to monitor the field sales force and ultimately complicate field marketing. But you can avoid all that using retail audits.

A retail field audit is a type of field marketing that allows you to collect and analyze data about your retail displays in all your locations. That includes your products, promotional materials, and signage.

Unlike most field marketing initiatives, which are customer-facing, retails audits are more focused on understanding how different marketing materials present in the store. The goal is to

  • Determine and compare how effective various store outlets are doing in their retail compliance
  • Identify and correct mistakes to maximize their marketing benefits at POS.

These will help make it easy to monitor your sales force. The process is more accurate using an employee GPS tracking app. It allows you to monitor all employee activities, expenses, understand workflows throughout your locations, and the best part is that it does all that in just a matter of seconds. That makes it the fastest, most reliable, convenient, and easy way to monitor your field sales force, enhance your field marketing and boost your sales and productivity. Want to understand better?

Here are 7 top benefits of using an employee GPS tracking app monitoring your field salesforce.

  1. Instant tracking; enhances faster decision-making to save time, money, and energy.
  2. Fair reimbursements; an employee GPS tracking app helps monitor how productive each employee is to ensure fair compensation.
  3. Geo-fencing; makes it easy to locate employees and delegate work.
  4. Effective management of field Issues; allows you to find timely solutions if anything unexpected happens on the field.
  5. Route Optimization; field marketing involves so much travelling, which means spending time and money on fuel and other things. The software provides suggestions about the best alternative route(s) to reach your destination in the shortest time possible and less fuel consumption while at it.
  6. Performance assessment; this ensures continuous improvement
  7. Increase throughput; keeps you up to date with the changing customer demands and respond accordingly to boost effectiveness and efficiency.