Discover Outlook Data Recovery Tips When PST File Is Deleted by Mistake

Discover Outlook Data Recovery Tips When PST File Is Deleted by Mistake

As the real-time communication apps such as WhatsApp, Slack, and Skype are fast gaining track, it is incredibly astonishing that email continues to be the primary tool or platform for business communication, and with around 3.5 billion users across the globe, it will continue to be in good books for a long time down the road. Dominating the email space are Outlook and Gmail. According to Wikipedia, Microsoft Outlook is a popular personal information manager from Microsoft. This software system is available as an integral portion of the popular Microsoft Office Suite. It is chiefly an email client, but Outlook seems to include other functions like task managing, calendaring, and note-taking, contact managing, web browsing, and journal logging. 

Client email software facilitates organizations to share information and communicate seamlessly. Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and frequently used app for email communication across the globe. People love the software because of its ease of use and effectiveness in organizing your work. Microsoft Outlook comes for free and includes multiple striking features for improving your mailing stratagems. 

In this context, we know when people accidentally erase or delete their mailbox and realize their mistake after they have finished overwriting data on their drive. In such cases, the chances of recovering the PST files become slim. Let us discuss some tricks to recover or salvage your valuable Outlook data.

Look for the PST File in the Recycle Bin & Retrieve It

We understand that when you delete a file or content, it automatically lands up in the trash bin. You may inspect the trash bin when you realize that you have erased your valuable mailbox data. Once you locate the PST file in the recycle bin, right-click and press ‘Restore’. You can send the file back straight away to your original folder. You are now ready to use Outlook, and you may consider accessing your emails. The documents should be opened, as usual, provided the PST file is intact and not damaged. Just in case, the Outlook.PST file has been compromised, you may use an Outlook repair tool to retrieve the lost data. 

Consider Using One of the General Data Recovery Tools

If you have deleted your mailbox data permanently, it will not be there in the trash bin. You may try using effective data recovery software for scanning your hard drive to identify your erased files. You can preview the deleted files or folders before recovering them. In case, you are unable to open the recovered file or data, it is best to opt for a specialized tool for scanning and effectively repairing your PST file.

Use Disk Image for Recovering Email Data

An effective way of recovering permanently deleted data is by creating a disk image. You may then consider using this file for getting your data utilizing a specialized data recovery tool. One of the brilliant tools you could consider using for creating your disk image is DataNumen Disk Image. Once the image has been created, start scanning the file using DataNumen Outlook Repair software. It is optimized for repairing and recovering Outlook data.

Consider Using a Highly-Specialized Tool for Scanning Your Drive

You may start using highly-specialized software for scanning your drive. This tool has been optimized for repairing Outlook data, particularly on formatted drives. The best software for this purpose is DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery which is optimized and effective for retrieving data deleted where a new OS has already been installed. The target drive may be utilized as a source file. Moreover, ensure that your output data has been stored in a distinct drive. It will prevent you from overwriting data on your source drive. It will help in salvaging more data.

Some Outlook Data Recovery Tools

Aryson Outlook Recovery Tool: It is reliable and popular software for badly corrupted or damaged Outlook PST files. It is best for repairing and recovering all Outlook items. It may include reminders, email contacts, notes, folder structures, auto-fill data, events, etc. This popular Outlook repair software is compatible with all Windows OS versions

Cigati Outlook PST Recovery: Cigati is highly trusted and popular Outlook repair software. It works best in case of corrupt PST files caused by a broad spectrum of factors like accidental shutdowns or interruptions. This tool is best for rectifying several PST file corruption issues with just a few clicks of your mouse. Moreover, it is very much compatible with practically all Windows OS versions.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

DataNumen Outlook Repair is a popular and trustworthy PST repair tool. It may be used for repairing and retrieving PST files of all sizes. This excellent software is excellent for restoring all mailbox items seamlessly from corrupted or damaged PST files. The cutting-edge software is best for recovering emails in 3 formats: HTML, RTF, and plain text.


All Outlook issues may be resolved following expert tips and reliance on cutting-edge data recovery tools for best outcomes.

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