Current issues with fashion industry

Current issues with fashion industry

Fashion is a process which makes a human being confident in society. When a person is carrying something according to fashion then this means the person has an enormous amount of confidence in itself. This is not just a statement it’s a complete research that how adopting a current fashion can influence a person’s sense of satisfaction and life happiness. But despite the importance of fashion, there is another important thing which everyone need to listen about fashion industry. It has many issues residing in it which makes this industry full of problems for human lives. Therefore we have come up with those issues in current days regarding fashion industry. Following are the three main issues going on top in fashion industry these days. Let’s discuss them in detail and throw some light on these issues so that they may be resolved for the well being of other industries or human beings.

  1. Producing clothes

Making clothes in fashion industry requires different steps. These steps are based on long processes. And these processes are linked with some activities which are not good for human health. As during the current state of fashion industry, we all know that there is a huge need of clothes and for fulfilling this need each industry and brand has to produce cloth on a large scale. But this large level of cloth production requires maximum carbon consumption and also its exposure into the environment. Therefore as a result of this, the naturally environment is being getting effected. The fashion industry specialists are not doing any efforts for managing the side effects of large production of clothes in the world. Moreover, it also causes water pollution with environment degradation. Apart from these environmental issues, it is causing harmful problems for the workers of cloth industries as they are getting affected by these unhealthy work conditions too.

  • Consuming clothes

Now the second major problem in producing cloth is that how to consume those clothes which have been made. We all know that once a cloth has made then it requires to be used or consumed but what if the number of clothes which have not been properly consumed are increasing. Do you guys know about fast fashion? If yes then that’s good but if not then let’s discuss it a little. Fast fashion occurs when a brand gives more than 50 type of collection in a year. The new clothes by each brand starts to come before even the complete consumption of old styles. These systematic hurries in fast fashion has created a type of competition for taking new clothes in people too. Therefore the problem of consuming clothes is occurring and as a result more and more pollution in to the environment is being created because they are not properly treated. Companies want to warn profit and they present new designs daily but in these earnings and racing, large number of clothes are not consumed.

  • Disposing clothes

Then the third issue is disposing of clothes. The clothes are not completely disposed off. There are many ways to dispose off clothes but not even single method is completely useful for making them disposed. If we talk about the recycling process then these clothes are made up of such elements which are of cotton, polyester, fibres, or many more hard materials which are too tough to manage for recycling. And even if some companies are trying to recycle the clothes then they are not getting successful completely because they are tough material to recycle. Another method can be reusing but that’s not possible completely too because a large number of clothes remain unused in everyone’s life or in a shopkeeper’s store. So therefore it creates problem for our environment too. The fun part is that not a single problem is being taken into consideration therefore we are writing this segment to let people know whats going on because of some decisions of fashion industrialists.

Future hopes

If we discuss about future hopes related to these issues then we don’t think so there can be any plan regarding resolving these issues but we may look towards governments of our countries to take some healthy decisions for environment and fashion industry processes.

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