Connecticut divorce: Should you engage a lawyer?

Connecticut divorce: Should you engage a lawyer?

No matter the situation, you should do all that’s possible to save your marriage. Divorce is never a straightforward decision and has its consequences. Thankfully, the legal process doesn’t have to be complicated in Connecticut. The state allows for both no-fault and fault-based divorces, and based on the circumstances; you can expect to complete the process in four months. In the real world, Connecticut divorces often take longer because separating spouses have many concerns to worry about. If you are contemplating divorce, you must consider seeking legal advice. Here’s more about the benefits of hiring a Connecticut divorce lawyer

Know your rights, legal options

Divorces are often complicated because it’s hard for spouses to agree with one another. Connecticut divorces are often no-fault divorces, but the separating spouses are expected to work things out without getting the court involved. If you don’t understand the legal process or your rights in the divorce, you may want to hire an attorney to discuss your options. Because this is also an emotional time, you wouldn’t want to make decisions in haste or without knowing the consequences. 

Sort things sooner

Spouses often argue about four key things in a divorce – alimony or spousal support, child support, child custody, and assets. If you and your spouse cannot seem to agree on any of these aspects and when there is no room for discussion, engaging an attorney specializing in family law would help. Divorce lawyers are skilled negotiators and mediators, and regardless of the actual issues, they can help sort matters so that you can focus on doing right. 

Get rid of the paperwork

Many people often find the legal paperwork overwhelming to manage. Instead of trying to understand the documents you need or the forms you need to complete, engage an attorney. A divorce lawyer knows the process and can help avoid common mistakes. You have to understand that the paperwork would be a lot more complicated when you have concerns about matters like child custody, alimony, or a large estate. 

Typically, divorce lawyers charge for the number of hours they work, and the hourly rate of top lawyers could be on the higher side. However, if yours is a simple, no-fault divorce, a lawyer may take a flat fee. It also depends on what you expect from the attorney, but there is no denying that hiring a lawyer for your divorce would be beneficial in most situations.