Cheapest travel destinations in India for budget travelers

Cheapest travel destinations in India for budget travelers

Budget traveling in India has always proved to be the best way of satiating your craving
for wanderlust. If you are planning to travel under budget, you should keep the flight
bookings in view. Just in case you stay in Australia, you can search for flights to India
from Australia. You are surely going to get many options for the same. But, you need to
choose a reliable platform for booking the tickets.
India has got a variety of landscapes. Whether you want to have a look at its pristine
lakes, mighty mountains, or the lush-green environment, the country has it all. Also, it’s
pretty notable that you can enjoy all of those under your budget. So, what are you
waiting for? Quickly research the cheap flights to India from Australia and get your
budgeted journey started. Here, we have a compiled list of budget travel destinations
that you should seek during your next vacation in India.

  1. Kodaikanal
    Kodaikanal is majorly prominent as a honeymoon destination since its romantic aura is
    worth it. This place is undoubtedly the primary pick for every budget traveler. Whether
    you are traveling with your friends or alone, you will indeed have great experiences
    here. It has got lush greenery, pristine and glaring lakes, beautiful and mighty hills. All of
    these factors combinedly make it an apt destination for every traveler. While being here,
    you would stay away from the hustle and bustle of cities amidst the serenity here. The
    average cost of staying and food here would be around 2000 INR per day.
  2. Pushkar
    Pushkar is located at the Thar Desert’s border. It is a religious site majorly known for its
    scrumptious cuisines, street food, and spiritual vibes. You can visit this place with your
    friends and family and still save huge bucks since it’s one of India’s cheapest places.
    There is a lot more to explore in Pushkar than just its Jagatpita Brahma Mandir. While
    being here, you can indulge in exploring palaces, bazaars, lakes, and the 52 ghats. If you
    are an adventurous soul, you can easily spend some time while camping in Pushkar’s
    desert area. Notably, the average cost of eating and staying here won’t be more than
    1800-2500 INR per day.
  3. Itanagar
    One of the most beautiful hill stations in India, Itanagar has always been there on the
    bucket list of every traveler. It is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh and is tucked in the
    Himalayas. This place always ensures the most beautiful views and a serene aura to its
    visitors. Whether you are here for a family trip or all alone, nothing can stop you from
    having the best memories. There are various factors that attract thousands of tourists

every year to Itanagar. This includes the Buddhist architecture, glaring streams,
amazing and highly preferable climate. Not to forget the serenity and lush-green
environment surrounding this place. The average cost to stay and eat in Itanagar shall
range between 2000-2500 INR per day.

  1. Mcleodganj
    Mcleodganj is considered to be the finest and highly quaint hill station present in
    Himachal Pradesh. Also, it serves as an apt destination for budget travelers. Here, you
    will be facilitated with Buddhism and Tibetan essence. You can also be a part of the
    amazing and very renowned Triund Trek from Mcleodganj. During the trek, you will
    come across the heart-warming views of the snow-capped Dhauladhar ranges. The
    nightlife of Mcleodganj is also worthy of being tried out. You can do that by paying a
    visit to the local bars and pubs there. You can enjoy at your best in Mcleodganj and that
    too a meager cost of 700-1500 INR per day.
  2. Udaipur
    Udaipur is one of the most exotic and winsome places in India. It is also a perfect
    location for anyone who wants to travel under budget. Here, you can spend your time
    exploring the City Palace, experience a breathtaking boat ride on the pristine Lake
    Pichola, and check out the very innovative vintage car museum. If you want to travel to
    Udaipur under budget, you can start cutting your cost and staying in budget hotels
    instead of luxurious ones. You can also choose shared dormitories for accommodation.
    When it comes to food, you can switch to the very delectable street food in Udaipur. The
    approximate cost of eating and staying in Udaipur is around 700-1000 INR per day.
  3. Goa
    Goa is India’s party capital, and you can easily enjoy the vibes of this destination on a
    low budget. There are various places in Goa where you can get cheap booze, and also,
    you can opt for shared accommodations. They would be easy on your pocket and thus,
    won’t affect your budget as well. Do not forget to try out the drooling seafood in Goa.
    Also, you can hire a two-wheeler to explore this fantastic place on your own. Cover the
    state’s length and breadth with no hassle via these rented two-wheelers. Overall, the
    total approximate cost of food and stay in Goa is 700-1500 INR per day.
    So, our list of the cheapest travel destinations in India ends here! There are many more
    locations which you can travel under budget. But the ones mentioned above are highly
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