Birthday wishes for the girlfriend

Birthday wishes for the girlfriend

Birthday wishes for the girlfriend – this is how you congratulate a very special person

A friendship is always special. But none is as intense as the bond that binds best friends. Reason enough that you create the birthday wishes for your girlfriend with a lot of love, care and effort. Creativity knows no limits. Depending on the type, you decide on a funny or profound congratulation. The only important thing is to design the birthday wishes for your girlfriend in such a way that it clearly expresses how much this person means to you.

The best friend – the most important person in your life

The best friend belongs to the most important companion through life. Perhaps you have been connected to your best friend since kindergarten, or you may have only met during your apprenticeship or at a later point in time. Whenever you met, you soon went through thick and thin together, shared the sorrow and joy of love, laughed together and cried together. They pursue hobbies and interests together, cook and bake together, spend afternoons with coffee and long evenings on the sofa. Your best friend was there at the most important moments in your life and you can immediately name a lot of events that will remain unforgettable forever. In short, without your best friend something would be missing in your life.

Birthday wishes for the girlfriend – just be grateful

If you have such a friend in your life and by your side, this is not a matter of course. Although there are many opportunities to show your appreciation to special people, birthday wishes are a very special moment for your girlfriend. I’m sure your friend knows how important you are to one another. But there are occasions when you should express your feelings – the birthday wishes for your girlfriend! But not only the best friend deserves unique words on her special day.

Every day you accompany other friends through everyday life. If you’ve received birthday wishes for your girlfriend from one of these people yourself, you know how special this moment feels. Give back that wonderful feeling by sending birthday wishes to the girlfriend. To the friend who always exchanges recipes with you, likes to babysit or to the neighbor who became a friend. There are so many dear people who deserve warm words!

Birthday wishes for the girlfriend – how to find the right words

Not everyone is blessed with a pronounced talent for writing and can immediately shake a meaningful saying, a rhyme or even an entire poem out of their sleeve. However, that doesn’t have to demotivate you. Because the right words to send birthday wishes for your girlfriend can be found in famous personalities from past and present. Maybe your girlfriend even has a favorite poet? Then start looking for a saying or poem from his pen.

If your girlfriend is the one who can philosophize with you for hours over a cup of tea or spend nights discussing the meaning of life with you, you can’t be wrong. Complete these birthday wishes for your girlfriend with a few sentences that reflect what is special in your friendship and show how much you are on the same wavelength. For example:

  • “Thank you for always being by my side – I wish you a wonderful birthday and a fantastic new year!
  • You have been a very special person to me for years. I would like to use your birthday as an opportunity not only to congratulate you, but to tell you how glad I am that you exist
  • You are my best friend and you always will be. It’s great that you’re there. Happy Birthday!

Funny sayings as birthday wishes for the girlfriend

A real friendship is priceless. When you put together birthday wishes for your girlfriend, it is important to package your emotions correctly so that they resonate with the other person. If you both have a strong sense of humor and are not averse to hearty sayings, you can open the birthday wishes for your girlfriend with a brisk saying:

  • With you, doing nothing is fun too – the best birthday wishes for the most wonderful friend in the world!
  • … and wrinkles everything, the two of us stay the same – happy birthday!
  • Neither you nor our friendship get older – we keep getting better! To many more great years with you!

You know best what will put a smile on your girlfriend’s face. Therefore, match the birthday wishes for the friend entirely to her personality. Take the time to be inspired by sayings, poems or even jokes. Gather a few quotes to narrow down, read these sayings over and over, and as you read, introduce yourself to your girlfriend. Then choose the birthday wishes for the girlfriend that really suit her best. Also, don’t forget to go back to friendship itself, because that’s the element that fundamentally connects the two of you.

Personalize birthday wishes for your girlfriend

If you write birthday wishes to your girlfriend, it is important to get the message across accordingly. So think about how you can make the birthday wishes for your girlfriend in an original way. A sheet of paper is suitable for your designs and perhaps to read the message. But it has a more lasting effect if you hand over the birthday wishes for your girlfriend in an appealing form after reading them out. Gladly together with a lovingly selected gift.

A nice birthday card has proven itself. You can buy ready-made cards in numerous attractive designs or you can make an individual birthday card from a blank card. Let your creativity take over your mind and body! Select the card for the birthday wishes for your friend based on their favorite color or choose topics from the content. Do you symbolize

Have chosen the depth of the sea for your friendship or convey your birthday wishes to your friend with the popular saying “A friend is like the stars, she is always there, even if you cannot see her”, the card design should refer to this. A very personal way of expressing birthday wishes is a joint photo or a photo collage. Whatever you decide: Lovingly designed birthday wishes for your girlfriend show how much your selenium relative means to you!