Best Moving Companies

Best Moving Companies

Anyone who wants to move to a new location or who is trying to find a reputable company to keep their valuable assets can understand the value of a reliable international travel company. Known for their international trajectory and popularity in their regions, here is a list of 31 top international migrants with a long history of transporting families and businesses. Some of these global travel companies are world leaders in transportation, and some are proud to offer you the technology to help you move overseas from one place to another.

Leading Long Distance Companies

Based on in-depth research, here are our recommended long-distance travel companies:

  • International Van Lines: Best Full Service Mover
  • Allied Van Lines: The Best in Vehicle Transport
  • North American Van Lines: Ready for Claims
  • Safeway: The Best Moving Broker
  • JK Moving: Fully Customized Service Delivery
  • American Van Lines: Highly Skilled Workers on the Move
  • Mayflower: Leading to Large Moves

1: International Van Lines

As a leading national travel company, International Van Lines provides mobile and international travel services. Therefore, we cover the entire U.S. and more than 150 countries worldwide.

International Van Lines is also one of the leading international travel companies.

National transportation can be stressful. Do not risk your belongings with an unauthorized travel company, and go ahead with your travel.

The Service They Provide

International Van Lines is a national travel company. Newsweek has rewarded IVL with the 2021 “best customer service” award. In addition, the prize is awarded to Statista inc., The world’s leading statistics website.

Long Walking

They are a national mobile company and a licensed network company. As one of the leading domestic carriers in America, it is our duty to provide you with quality service at all times.

2:Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines has the largest network in the world with over 85 years of experience. Whether you move to a remote area or region, our global network ensures that no matter where you go, Allied can take you home. As a fully-fledged carrier, we manage everything from packing, loading, shipping, and exporting your goods.

Theirr goal is to provide affordable mobile services based on a name you can trust. They are a company built on service history, and it is their pleasure to assist people as they plan and prepare for your next move.

3:North America Van Lines

North American Van Lines has been a leader in the mobile industry since 1933. With more than 500 agent locations across the country, They have distributors wherever the “home” belongs to you. They specialize in corporate transportation, long-distance, and local home transportation.

Their experienced agents will assist you with all your needs; which includes packing, loading, and transporting your goods, whether you are down the road or overseas. We understand that you have more to worry about than physical activity.


Safeway Van Lines – Going the other mile with your family! Safeway Van Lines provides excellent services that gain awareness and referrals from customers. They give families and companies action that they can feel confident about. Whether you move to an area or another region, Safeway Van lines is a local company that provides quality service and attention to information relevant to your family. If you want fast, professional, and polite service from a mobile company, call Safeway Van Lines.

5:JK Moving

JK has the best time to respond – professional, fun, and highly trained business developers. The team from JK Moving that made the delivery was very professional and helpful. It’s drivers, professional developers, and various business positions.

6:American Van Lines

Founded in South Florida in 1995, American Van Lines is a nationwide distributor with the largest networks in the United States. Licensed, insured, and registered with the Department of Transportation.

American Van Lines can assist with domestic, international, and inter-regional movements. Available in almost every province, it can help with special features, offers storage solutions, automatic shipping assistance, and other limited insurance options. The company has dozens of pickup trucks, as well as weekly shuttles to and from almost every major city in the country.


Mayflower is a reliable, national leading company for more than 90 years. As part of a larger national organization, which provides mobile and end-to-end services, Mayflower offers a full line of customized mobile services, and is able to assist with the mobility of any size; no matter where you go. See what makes Mayflower different from other mobile companies and let our carriers manage your next big move.

8:Agility (Kuwait)

Agility is another global logistics company that provides mobile services worldwide. Based in Kuwait, they operate in nearly 100 countries worldwide. They provide a variety of goods services including air, sea, and road.

They carry tens of thousands of household items each year. This includes services such as door-to-door assistance, customized information management and brokerage, storage, and insurance. They are used by everyone from major American companies to African embassies.

Considering that they are based in Kuwait, they have some experience of migration to and from the Persian Gulf, the Middle East, and many emerging markets around the world. A good option to consider when moving to or from a more isolated area on a paved road.


The U-Pack is a good choice if you want to pack your belongings yourself and have the company bring you directly to your new place of residence. If you are moving a small number of items, the U-Pack ReloCube is a way to save, save space.

If you are looking for someone who will provide you with a full-service movement experience – packing, loading, shipping, and unloading – then the U-Pack may not fit properly. The company also does not offer international movement, except in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in Canada. Although the U-Pack has service points throughout the U.S., it will generally not move less than 200 miles.


A moving company can do almost anything related to your travels. They can pack your things, load the truck, move the goods, take them out, assemble and clean the cardboard boxes. The goals of the shipping company are to make your transportation as easy as possible. Adding these services to your trip may be expensive, but it will save you a lot of time and pressure. You can create your own mobile package by selecting any of the above resources you may need. Choose more or fewer resources to create your own unique travel experience. All in all, mobile companies offer a wide variety of services, so you will definitely find something that will help you along the way.