Benefits of keeping a money plant at home

Benefits of keeping a money plant at home

“What is a money plant? I don’t know but it sounds expensive. I should buy one, right?” – struggling with these questions?

Money plants are also known as spider plants or aeroplane plants because of their unusual growth pattern. They thrive in moist environments and tend to be easy to take care of. You may find yourself wondering if you should buy one because they have an interesting appearance which makes them more aesthetically pleasing, yet they do not require much upkeep. They tend to grow with multiple stems and leaves that grow downward from the base of the plant. In addition, you can easily grow one even if you are new to gardening by simply including it in your regular watering regimen.

But where do you start? How much do money plants cost? And most importantly, what are the benefits of a money plant? Here are some of the benefits of a money plant:

  1. Air Purifiers:

Money Plant removes formaldehyde, xylene and toluene from the air – chemicals that are present in cigarette smoke, off-gassing from carpets and furniture finishes, amongst others. It will also add oxygen to your house so you can breathe easier, fresher air. Money plants purify the air with their ability to remove harmful toxins. The bioaesthetic qualities of a money plant help you relax and feel at peace with itself too!

  1. Relieves Stress:

Money plant relieves stress by releasing oxygen around the clock; lowering blood pressure for a calm mind, and helping you sleep better with its tranquil perfume. Get rid of stressful thoughts with a steady stream of oxygen around the clock! At work? No problem, you can still ease your stress as easy as watering a money plant! Money plant relieves stress for those long days at work, or those days when you feel overwhelmed at home.

  1. Brings Financial Stability:
    The money plant is a stunning houseplant that looks great while also providing the solution to all of your financial worries! It’s fun and easy to care for, as well as being extremely healthy. You can even eat it! What’s not to like? A money plant is a simple way to bring financial stability into your life. 
  2. Increases good luck:
    Money Plant is known as a great houseplant for its adaptability to low light and high humidity environments. Although it has no scent, its leaves are dark green with white patterns that make them appear furry (which is where the “money” part of its name comes from). Some say it promotes good luck and positive energy when placed in an office space; others believe one will find prosperity if they sleep with it under their pillow every night.
  3. Improvises home decor:
    The home decor scene just isn’t what it used to be. Where once there was style, innovations have left us feeling kind of.. meh! With the money plant, you can get as creative as your imagination allows! The money plant is a perfect companion for all wanting to add some flair and fun to their home decor!
  4. Cleanses aquarium water:
    Your aquarium can be one of your most prized possessions. It is a luxury that you can enjoy without spending a fortune on exotic trips to far-flung corners of the globe. A Money plant (also known as variety) cleanses aquarium water by removing nitrates, phosphates and ammonia from the water in aquariums. This will also improve the tank’s health by stabilising pH value, eliminate algae growth on sidewalks and floors of the aquarium; keeping them scoured clean.
  5. An excellent plant for beginners:
    If you are looking for a plant to grow in your room, a money plant should be the one. Do you know why? Well, first of all, it is not difficult to care about this one. The second reason is that this plant is excellent for beginners because it tolerates light and low light conditions and doesn’t require high watering frequency. As the name implies, this houseplant will probably bring you money if grown properly!
  6. Improves Vastu of homes:
    When our homes are built without proper Vastu principles considered, the entire layout is wrong and it leads to problems like fatigue, discomfort, tension and stress. To make you feel better and improve your home’s Vastu, there is a strategic solution – the money plant. Money plant is a beautiful plant, which helps improve Vastu of home and business. It brings wealth, prosperity, happiness and good luck.

Bored at work, anxiously wondering how long to hold out before asking for a pay raise. A money plant is a perfect solution. There are various nurseries from where you can buy a money plant. You can also buy a money plant online. Not only this you can also gift a money plant to your friends and family as it symbolizes good luck and prosperity. It’s a gift that they’ll surely cherish!

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