A Guide To Mattress Size – How To Choose The Right Mattress For You

A Guide To Mattress Size – How To Choose The Right Mattress For You

The right mattress size is important for you and your family. This is because our health and how we perform daily depend upon a good night’s sleep. So a too small or a too big mattress will make you feel uncomfortable, and you will remain disturbed throughout your sleep.

When it comes to purchasing a mattress, there are many factors you need to consider since buying a mattress is an investment that you are not going to make every year. So you must research first and find out your preferences before you go to buy a mattress. So you must research first and find out how long does a mattress last before you go to buy one. Mattresses come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. So the mattress size you need will depend upon who the mattress is for.

If you are buying a mattress for you and your partner, then to find the right size, lay down on the mattress beside your partner while keeping your hands underneath your hand with the elbows pointing outwards. If the elbow does not touch your partner or just graze, then you have the right mattress size. This article focuses on the different types of mattresses depending on the size and finding the right size for you.

Sizes of different types of mattresses

Single mattress

Also known as twin mattresses, they are usually for children. But they are also used by adults in places where space is less, such as boarding houses, apartments, etc. A standard twin mattress provides a comfortable length for most adults, while an XL twin mattress adds more. The size of a single mattress ranges from 35″ to 38″ in width and 74″ to 80″ in length.

Double size mattress

Many years back, the full-size double mattress was common in a couple’s bedrooms. But nowadays, this mattress is more commonly found in children or guest bedrooms because kids are much taller, and homes also have much more space. So a double bed should be a choice for short people.

A full-size double mattress ranges from 54″ to 70″ in width and 74″ to 80″ in length. This size is ideal for couples who like to snuggle together, have smaller bedrooms, or single people who want more space.

Queen mattress

They rose to popularity in the ’80s, and they are even popular today among couples who share the bed. It is an ideal choice for couples as it can easily come in most rooms and offers spaciousness. The added width and length in this mattress size make the Queen mattress more comfortable and undisturbed sleep. The size of a Queen mattress ranges from 60″ in width and 80″ in length.

King size mattress

The last decade has seen a further increase in width and length in mattress size to introduce King size mattresses. They are much more spacious and offer so much more space for the couples as they would get in a single bed individually. It has much more added length, which makes it ideal for really tall people.

However, king-size mattresses are not a feasible option for most houses. A small apartment and house cannot accommodate King-size mattresses because there will be no room for walking in the room.

Moreover, they are much heavier and thus difficult to maneuver or take upstairs. And the bedding is also much more expensive as compared to others. But, if you have a large house or want to sleep with your children, then a King size bed offers a lot of space for everyone. The size of the King size mattress ranges from 72″ to 76″ in width and 80″ to 84″ in length.

How do you choose the right size of mattress for you?

1)   Take out your measuring tape

Measure the bedroom you are thinking of. It is important to keep in mind the space you want around the bed in the room. Also, measure the corridors, stairs, doors to ensure that the mattress can easily come into your house.

2)   What’s your budget?

Look for mattresses within your budget. Do your research and compare features and preferences when it comes to buying a mattress. You should also remember that the bedding for larger mattresses will be much more expensive than that for smaller ones.

3)   Do your homework

Be sure to have all the information regarding what you want and which one you want before going to the store to buy it.

4)   Test many mattresses

It is important to test the mattresses before purchasing them because you will be spending more time on your bed than on other furniture pieces. Test its firmness and softness, does it fit you, can you lie together without overcrowding, is it comfortable and spacious for a night of peaceful sleep?

The size should be large enough to allow comfort and ease when lying down while also providing space around the bed to comfortably walk around. Moreover, the should be according to the size of the bedroom so that it looks well-proportioned in the room. The length should be enough to accommodate your height figure.

There should be ample space so that when you stretch your legs, they remain on the bed with some space still available. At the same time, the width of the mattress should be according to the space in your bedroom and your preferences and needs. If you like to lie close to your partner, then you can go for a double bed size. But if you cannot sleep close together and want some space between you and your partner so that you do not disturb each other’s sleep, you should go for a wider mattress size.

In a nutshell

A good night’s sleep can make all the difference. Good sleep contributes to a healthier body, and avoid being obese, and an overall better mood in the morning and throughout the day, which allows you to focus more on your goals and dreams. So it is important to rest well for a productive life.

This is why purchasing a bed that is comfortable and right for you is extremely important. Since the beds vary in size, design, and shape, you need to choose the one that suits you perfectly. As mentioned above, you need to pay your utmost attention to the size of the.

Since only the perfect size according to your body and your needs will ensure a good sleep and a healthy life. We hope that the points mentioned above will have helped you in doing your research, so follow the above guidelines and purchase the right mattress for yourself and your family.