5 Signs That Will Tell You Whether You Need to Contact Pest Control Immediately

5 Signs That Will Tell You Whether You Need to Contact Pest Control Immediately

Regardless of how thoroughly you clean and maintain your abode, a pest infestation is inevitable. Some are minor and easy to handle, while others are more difficult and require contacting a pest control professional. But the problem is we fail to detect the signs. We only need to be aware of some specific indications that will tell us when to make the call to a pest control company. 

1. Structural Damage

If the initial sign of a problem is structural damage, you should contact pest control ASAP. Wood is a preferred food source for termites. You probably won’t be able to see the insects eating away at your wood, but you can certainly see the pinholes and tunnels they leave behind. As termites can cause severe damage, it is crucial to address the issue at the earliest sign of structural decay.

2. Interior Degradation

Interior damage is another indication you need a pest control provider that makes house calls. Although less severe than structural damage, this is nonetheless an indication of an insect infestation at present in your home.

Various rodent species can cause damage to everything from furniture to walls and baseboards. They make their nests from the leftovers of these items.

Insects can also cause interior property damage. They may create holes in clothing and other things.

3. Odors and Noises

There are odors and sounds in every home, but occasionally your senses detect something that does not belong to your place. It may indicate an undetected pest problem.

Larger pests, mostly rats, are typically the ones that can be heard. You may hear scurrying sounds in attics and crawl spaces. There may also be sounds of scratching and scraping.

Termites are also capable of producing audible sounds. If you don’t know what type of pests you’re witnessing, a professional pest treatment firm like Elite Pest and Termite Control can pinpoint the cause of the noises.

Pests also produce odors that you may not identify, such as the greasy odor of cockroaches. Mice frequently leave an ammonia-like odor behind. If you detect a musty, mildly sweet stench, it could be a symptom of bed bugs.

Sometimes you can smell fecal matter left behind by the pests. Inhaling the droppings of certain pests, notably rats, can be dangerous, thus addressing the issue as soon as possible is crucial.

4. Evidence of Nesting

Pests can readily get access to your home, but they also frequently make your home their home too. If you find hives or nests inside or outside your home, it is an indication that the pests intend to remain in your house for a long time.

Nests are frequently situated in concealed areas where the pests feel safe. It may include locations such as walls, attics, under appliances, and cracks.

5. Troublesome Pests

Some pests, such as bed bugs, are extremely difficult to eliminate on your own. They multiply rapidly. It is preferable to leave these pests to professionals who know how to assess the problem and determine the proper treatments.


When you contact a pest control service, you are contacting professionals who can efficiently and easily eliminate all forms of pests. They can swiftly detect and successfully address them, allowing you to recover your home from unwelcome intruders.

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