4 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working 

4 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working 

Is it a big deal to do SEO yourself? While it is true that you can do it on your own, it does not necessarily mean that it is convenient. Having expert SEO services warrants you that a professional person (or a team) is working for your needs, among the things needed to increase your possibilities of succeeding at SEO, we can mention knowledge, skills and experience. When all of these elements are put to work harmonically, you can create an amazing project. If you want to get improved results in the quality and amount of traffic that your website receives over time, the safest move is to rely on the qualified people. In this article we will share with you the 4 most common mistakes that people make when it comes to SEO. So continue reading and avoid falling in the following traps.

1. The strategy you are using is outdated

As you may have heard before, Google uses algorithms that are in constant evolution, aiming to improve users’ experience, meaning that a factor that used to be very important in previous months is not anymore. Some of the things that you should avoid is stuffing your website with a whole lot of keywords or linking to trivial webpages. Dagmar’s PPC guide In order to be prioritised in Google’s ranking, you should focus on having an optimised, friendly website, and also link to authoritative sources.

2. You lack patience

Although this is something that no one likes to hear, getting good, sustainable results takes time. For this reason, SEO strategies often consider several months in advance, which allows for a better appreciation of the impact of the measures taken. For your website to stand out of the crowd many things will be necessary, from optimising your web interface, perhaps, building a blog with high-quality content, that not only provides value to the potential visitors but that is also arranged in a way that Google understands. So, maybe you are in fact using a good strategy, and you just need to wait and see.

3. You are not picking appropriate keywords

Although this point may seem simple to master, just think about this: there are many different things to say the same thing, and even if you have the solutions that some people need, they will never see your website if you are using the wrong keywords. If you want to select the keywords that drive more search volume, you will need a specialised tool, such as SEMrush, but there are many others.

4. You are not focusing on your customer’s needs

While all businesses are eager to show their products, it is necessary to present them in a way that the visitors in your online store actually enjoy. In this respect, you may want to emphasise the quality of your website by choosing an attractive layout, by doing so, you will help them to focus on what matters. Then by providing valuable information and multimedia content, visitors will engage more with your brand and be more open to try your products.

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