++Nowadays, various apps are available to combat anxiety, however, I managed to make a fact-based assumption on the best five apps. Exposure-based therapies are the most general evidence-based anxiety therapy – you are exposed to the problem and your anxiety response can decline over time. In conjunction with other therapies, psycho-education and relaxation can also be useful. Five of my top anxiety applications are here:

ReachOut Breathe

ReachOut has an application to help individuals assess their respiration to relieve depression and anxiety, which we believe may be helpful in sharing with young people in the profession. You will then take the breathing exercise to inhale and free the screen to exhale, by taking the cardiac rate on the camera on the phone. Then you test the heart rate after a time of three minutes. Breathing also reduces the cardiac rhythm and discomfort in the body. This app will fit all young people who want to practice and build conscientious awareness. Young adults, in particular, suffer from high stress or anxiety disorders. The app has the benefit of being able for young people with a range of mental illnesses, breathing retraining, and bio-feedback.

Self-Help for Anxiety Management (SAM)

This app lets people learn about fear and self-help management strategies. Users should monitor their level of anxiety and the things which make it worse. The self-help section provides a range of resources, including breathing, muscle calming, yoga, thinking practices, sports, and tips. Users should add an ‘anxiety toolkit’ for easy access to their preferred self-help resources. The application also has a forum to talk to people about anxiety management. The “Social Cloud” function allows you to share your insights and preserve your identity with the SAM group.


Pacifica is a regular application for consumers to relieve stress and anxiety symptoms. The application can also be used by a psychiatrist to monitor behaviors and sensations during treatment sessions. The app offers users a mood log, coping tools, peer help forum, personalized objectives, and progress updates. It is progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) mediation, which I like about Pacifica as the anxiety application. The physical signs of anxiety can be reduced by PMR like butterflies in the stomach or muscular tightness. Meditation is often available for particularly stressful circumstances.


MindShift is a mobile software to help young adults and teenagers deal with their anxiety. It will encourage you to adjust your thoughts on anxiety. You should make a major change and face it, instead of attempting to escape fear.  Offers tools for managing fear, nausea, confrontation, common anxiety, and three specialized anxiety categories: test anxiety, social anxiety, and perfectionism. It also includes exercises that calm the body. The app is free of charge and you don’t pay for using resources. In your lives, you can envisage meditating with Mindshift and coping with stress.

Mood Mission

MoodMission lets you discover fresh and more effective ways of managing low moods and fears. Tell MoodMission how you feel, and a customized list of 5 missions will make you feel better. MoodMission is based on CBT, a psychiatric treatment based on the evidence of fear and depression.