20 Men’s Fashion Mistakes You’re STILL Making In 2021

20 Men’s Fashion Mistakes You’re STILL Making In 2021

Stop now and develop a better fashion sense with several simple tips. These mistakes can create a bad impression of you amongst your peers and other social circles.

Not all men have a good fashion sense. Some of us can make horrible mistakes when it comes dressing. Oftentimes we see ourselves in the mirror, impressed with our looks and outfit. While there is no shame in admiring one’s looks, a mismatch of clothes need not go unnoticed.

There are several recurring fashion mistakes that all men should avoid. Dressing is not about how expensive or flamboyant your outfit is. It’s about looking decent and tidy. It’s about how you present yourselves during gatherings and interactions.

That being said, let’s explore the 20 fashion mistakes that you should stop committing right now!

Say No to Leather Pants

Unless you’re Stan Hansen looking to deliver a lariat to your opponent out of nowhere. Truth be told, you aren’t. Wear simple jeans or men’s khakis if you want to look more attractive. Jeans are perhaps the only clothing item that can last a lifetime.

Shoes without Socks

Even Michael Scott would scream No!!! God!!! if he ever saw you committing such a horrendous crime. Bare feet are a magnet for germs and I don’t even want to go into the details of shoes without socks. It’s nauseating.

Socks with Sandals

Ok. What in God’s name is going on here? First you had the audacity to wear shoes without socks and then this. Sandals are meant to be worn with bare feet. If you are not comfortable showing them then go for casual wear.

Fix Your Hems

Just do it. The proper length of a trouser or pant is unique to every man’s height. You can choose from no breaks, quarter breaks, medium breaks, and full breaks according to your height. You are not a troubled teen with attitude problems. You are a grown man, fix your hems.

Brands Do Not Make You Look Classy

Spending a fortune on expensive clothing does not necessarily accentuate your appeal. You have your own class and style. Buy clothes that fit you well. You are not trying to represent a certain class with your clothing choice. You buy clothes for yourself. Be smart.

Reliance on Worn-out Shoes

Quality shoes such as brogues and loafers can last a lifetime. Shoes are one of the most important parts of your outfit. Purchase shoes that fit you well. Important advice: don’t go for square-toed shoes because they aren’t in fashion anymore.

Wearing Sunglasses during Nighttime

The word is sunglasses. It isn’t moon glasses or nighttime spectacles. You might think you look cool and untouchable with them shades on during nighttime. No, you don’t. On the contrary, people may mistake you for a different-abled person and help you cross the road.

Travelling Without a Watch

Watches are an important accessory you should keep with you. These add to the appeal of the outfit. Go for watches that are durable and easy fit.

Untucked Shirts

That might go well in startups and small businesses. Untucked shirts are a big no when it comes to working in a large corporation. Whether you are at a managerial level or are a junior employee, you have to look presentable during office hours.

Wear Different Clothes for Different Situations

You do not want to annoy your boss by showing up to the office in casual attire. Keep that to your home. Different situations require different clothing. You cannot expect your swimming instructor to teach you how to swim in a three-piece suit.

Do Not MIX Your Running Shoes with Casual Footwear

Imagine if all the Nikes and Jordans were replaced with flipflops. There would still be athletes but with injured feet. Running shoes are designed to provide greater balance and flexibility. They have superior cushioning and torsional stability.

Other mistakes to avoid at all costs:

●       Not Wearing Undergarments

●       Not Knowing How to Tie a Necktie

●       Not Using Signature Scents and Perfumes

●       Wearing Oversized Clothes

●       Wearing Baggy Jeans

●       Not Having Pocket Squares

●       Not Polishing Your Shoes

●       Wearing Fur Coats & Excessive Jewelry

●       Unnecessary Facial Grooming

These practices are still prevalent but 2021 can be the year to change all that. Avoid these common dressing mistakes. Check out your wardrobe for any unnecessary and excessive clothing items. Dress well, look confident.