It is all about boosting audience engagement by stories. How to do it? Do you wish to create the much-required wow factor in your stories? Well, there are tricks to do it and get the best results from it. As there is increasing competition, one has to make the most of social media platforms using the best creative level. Millions of Instagram users give stories every day and come up with inspirational ideas through it. If you are creative in making the story and posting it in the best way, it is a great way to reach out to the potential group online.

The huge number of users indicates that it can become double the competition, and one has to be extremely creative to be viewed by the target audience. If you are posting stories for promotional purposes, it should reach out to the target audience at its best. Some effective and creative Instagram story ideas are illustrated in the following part. 

Give Answers to Queries 

This is the best way to engage an audience and connect with them in the best way possible. If you give simple solutions to the audience’s queries, it would be easy to engage them and retain attention. Before this, try to know what interests the audience most and try to come up with relevant topics in Instagram stories. Ask the audience to comment on the story with their queries and questions as it boosts engagement, and they would be interested in viewing your story. 

Arrange for Contest 

Hosting a contest via stories is the best option for the high rate of audience engagement on Instagram. Ask the audience to post a story to be part of your contest. Try with something simple and funny to get a better engagement of the audience.

In the Instagram story, as an audience to tag your page, it would help in better engagement, and your brand name would spread among the target audience. As the stories will disappear after 24 hours, take screenshots to record participants to declare a winner from them. 

Share Manufacturing Process of Things 

If you are getting attention for quality content on Instagram, why not give a glimpse of how the same is created? Try to show the processing of something to engage more customers and let them know the time and effort you put into it.

Be it a promotional video or a recipe video, try to show something other than the actual one. It would stand out to be something interesting for the viewers, and you can get more of them by effective use of stories.  

Share Behind the Scenes Shots 

Similarly, the behind-the-scenes shots are best to engage in potential groups and retain their attention for your Instagram posts for a long time. This is the best content to be posted via stories and let sneak peek of a hectic shot day or the prep up behind an excellent Instagram post that the audience would get to see later on.  

Try to Feature Other Accounts 

Nothing like creating a great sense of community by connecting with other accounts on Instagram. But you should know the correct way to do it, which can be done via Instagram stories.

When you feature other accounts, you will be featured on other stories, and this would increase the engagement and involvement with other brands, and people will get to know your existence better. It is the best way to promote your page and boost engagement online. 

Spread Informative News to Followers 

Try to spread some information to followers, and in this way, it would help to grow a connection, and this can be done via stories. Try to teach something to the followers, and it is the best option that can be done in just 15 seconds.  

Ask for Effective Suggestions 

To engage customers more, ask for suggestions from viewers, and this way, they would be interested in relying on and get connected more. Try to ask what type of content and posts viewers are interested to see on your account. By means of the suggestion, you can expect better audience engagement and slowly reach out to the potential audience online. 

Give Discounts to Customers 

Another type of content for Instagram stories is to announce discounts for customers. They would be interested in the product and feel valued, and it would surely result in customer engagement. To drive in sales, try to give your customers that no one else can get access to. You can also give the option for free shipping if that goes the best with your business strategies.   

Promote Blog Post 

If you are putting in a great effort for a recent blog post, it is important to promote it on your story and let the audience know about it in detail. It should bring in more attention and give a link to the destination page for better attention. This is another option that helps to engage the attention of a large number of followers on Instagram. 

Use the Story Highlights

The story highlights are best to capture the attention of the audience better. It should be such that it boosts the sales funnel at its best. It would disappear after just 24 hours, so you have to make the most of it within that time. If you do not want to lose the story, try to include it in the highlights part for better attention, and your future audience will get to know about it later on. 

The Final Part 

Try to come up with fascinating story ideas to be able to catch the attention of the target group better. You have to show something unique to stand out from the rest. Try to upload stories often to be remembered by your audience easily, and they choose your brand option over the rest. Try to offer them the best and value them via stories. Give simple yet unique solutions via stories to engage customers’ attention and retain it for a long time.

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